CSR Activities

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CSR Activities

We are making group-wide efforts to comply with social rules as well as laws and regulations with the aim of becoming a company contributing to society where all employees work with high moral values. In addition, we engage in activities to protect the safety and peace of customers and local communities as well as support the healthy growth of children who will lead the future.


We have established an appropriate compliance framework, such as establishment of the Charter of Corporate Behavior, Compliance Committee, and Compliance Hotline. In addition, we strive to prevent accidents and misconduct from occurring by fully providing compliance education to our employees.

Environmental initiatives

We contribute to preveting the global warming through the widespread use of environmentally friendly energy and high-efficiency energy equipment, as well as promotion of recycling business.

Risk management

As a company committed to supporting customers’ comfortable and safe lives, we have established a strict risk management system in order to respond to various risks, including natural disasters and major accidents.

Promotion of diversity

The human resources department is taking the lead in creating an environment to promote the appointment of female employees to managerial positions, such as implementation of career development support measures and enhancement of childcare support measures.