Social Contribution Activities

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Social Contribution Activities

The SINANEN HOLDINGS Group engages in social contribution activities aimed at supporting the healthy growth of children, who will lead the future, as well as a satisfying and safe life for people in their communities.

Itsumo Arigato (Thank You) Essay Competition

Itsumo Arigato (Thank You) Essay Competition was started in 2007 when the SINANEN HOLDINGS Group celebrated its 80th anniversary as a way to give back to everyone who has supported us. The competition marked its 10th anniversary in 2016. The competition invites essays from elementary school students across Japan, calling for them to express their gratitude, which is otherwise difficult to express in an essay. Over 30,000 essays are submitted every year and the total number of applications over the past 10 years exceeded 300,000.
The SINANEN HOLDINGS Group values bonds between people. The competition is designed to spread gratitude that creates bonds in order to support the fostering of kindness and healthy growth in children.

Participation in the KIDS EARTH FUND

We participate in activities of the KIDS EARTH FUND, a non-profit organization that provides economic assistance and makes donations of items such as picture books, art materials, and medical supplies to children who have been traumatized by disease, conflicts, disasters and others.

We support the activities by using children’s paintings donated to the fund for corporate calendars and the art lease program, as well as by participating in workshops.

Holding of boys soccer tournament

We hold a soccer tournament for elementary school students (U-10) in Ishikawa Prefecture.
The number of participants has increased annually and now nearly 400 students both in and outside the prefecture participate in the tournament. The SINANEN HOLDINGS Group will continue to contribute to the future of children and local communities through sports.

Promotion of food education activities

We hold Himawari Oyako Ryori Kyoshitsu (family cooking class) across Japan aimed at enhancing children’s awareness of food by experiencing the convenience of gas and fire through cooking and strengthening bonds with our customers.
We spread the importance of food throughout the country by holding cooking lessons for children and various groups of customers in each region and through talk shows with famous chefs. We spread the importance of food throughout the country.

Participation in “Eco Cap Campaign”

In support of the “Eco Cap Campaign,” a project designed to collect PET bottle caps to deliver vaccines to children around the world, we have collected bottle caps at our group sites.

We also encourage customers in local communities to participate in the activities and donate collected bottle caps to NPO Ecocap Movement.