Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and Risk Management

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Compliance and Risk Management

Promotion structure

The Sinanen Holdings Group has established a Risk Management and Compliance Committee chaired by the chief compliance officer to promote development of a group-wide internal control system, risk management, and development of a compliance system. The Risk Management and Compliance Committee engages in activities to implement priority measures and legal compliance for important risks and to ensure thorough corporate ethics and fair corporate activities.

Charter of Corporate Conduct

The Sinanen Holdings Group has established a Charter of Corporate Conduct that declares to all the aim of all our employees and the value standards upon which their daily work is based. Based on this charter, Group employees observe and implement a code of conduct consisting of three themes.


Social Responsibility

This first theme means keeping our promises, earning the trust of others, and fulfilling our duties with an emphasis on responsibility and is the foundation of management of the Sinanen Holdings Group.

  • 1. We will emphasize trust and responsibility and engage in fair dealings.
    We will also adequately and appropriately disclose corporate information in order to maintain management transparency.
  • 2. We will give top priority to ensuring safety and security, while also fully considering the protection of personal and customer information.
    Furthermore, we recognize the importance of the global environment and will actively work to address environmental problems.
  • 3. We will observe the law as we promote corporate activities.
    Furthermore, we will not provide economic benefit to antisocial forces that threaten public order and safety.

Creating New Value

Making progress means to move forward despite all kinds of difficulty and improve the value of the Sinanen Holdings Group's existence. This is the basic spirit of our business.

  • 1. We respond flexibly to changes in society and the business environment and take up new challenges.
  • 2. We actively collect various information and create high-quality products and services useful to society to increase customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • 3. We will maintain a broad perspective for development of the Group and will continually improve and reform our own work.

Enriching conduct

This entails building our own character while experiencing joy in work, finding the fun in our jobs, and interacting widely with others. It expresses the qualities required of employees of the Sinanen Holdings Group.

  • 1. We will respect the humanity of other employees, find the fun in our jobs, feel joy in our work, and engage in enriching conduct.
  • 2. We will pursue friendships broadly both near and far and actively communicate with society.
  • 3. We will respect the local culture and customs in our corporate activities both at home and abroad and contribute to the development of local communities.

Compliance education

We carry out various educational programs to improve individual compliance awareness in order to ensure thorough compliance.
In fiscal 2020, we implemented an e-learning program on compliance for all officers and employees of group companies, and 94.9% of our employees participated. Additionally, we carried out harassment prevention training for managers.
Furthermore, as a means of daily education, the Risk Management and Compliance Department regularly distributes Sinanen Holdings Group CSR News, which includes basic information on compliance, and we strive to raise awareness of compliance group-wide. We carry out educational activities throughout the year, including publishing information on compliance and risk management on the Intranet and in company newsletters.

Establishment of whistleblowing hotline

We have established a system by which officers and employees of the Group can directly report discoveries of legal violations, fraudulent acts, violations of employment regulations, or other such conduct in order to ensure early detection of compliance violations and prevent them from occurring.
Additionally, our Compliance Rules provide for the protection of whistleblower privacy and prohibit unfavorable treatment of whistleblowers, thereby ensuring the effectiveness of our whistleblowing system.

Risk management and countermeasures

Matters that have the potential to affect the business performance and financial standing of the Sinanen Holdings Group include the following:

●Risks In the Energy Business
1. Changes in the environment surrounding the energy industry
2. Risks posed by climate change
3. Intensification of competition in the energy industry
4. Risks related to security of petroleum and LP gas facilities and environmental pollution

●Risks In All Group Businesses
1. Credit risk related to business partners
2. Risks associated with exchange rate fluctuation
3. Risks related to valuation of fixed assets
4. Potential risks related to investments, etc.
5. New business area entry risk
6. Potential risks for expansion outside Japan
7. Product quality and safety risks
8. Handling personal information
9. Risks related to natural disasters, etc.
10. Risks Related to COVID-19

Recognizing the possibility of the above, we work to prevent and avoid occurrence as well as to minimize the impact in the event of their occurrence.Details are posted Risks Expected to Significantly Impact Management of Integrated Report

Information security

We hold data on LP gas and city gas consumers in the Energy Business and personal information related to credit card transaction data at gas stations. To protect this personal information, the Risk Management and Compliance Committee carries out educational programs for employees on protecting personal information, has introduced an information security system that includes biometric authentication and encryption, and has established various rules. We have established a Privacy Policy and Rules for the Protection of Personal Information and are also working to minimize risks related to the handling of personal information. Group company Minos Co., Ltd. is Privacy Mark-certified and has obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and JISQ 27001:2014 certification in relation to its information security management system (ISMS).
In addition, with the current increase in remote work, we have updated our security software and revised our network settings from the standpoint of preventing information leaks as part of our ongoing implementation of information security measures.