BtoB Business(Energy Solution Business)

BtoB Business(Energy Solution Business)

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BtoB Business(Energy Solution Business)

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Advancing toward the Future

The Sinanen Holdings Group offers a wide variety of energies such as petroleum, gas, and electricity. Departments collaborate with each other to propose services and solutions matching customer needs while proactively engaging in the global business and creating new businesses.

Renewable energy Business

We have been working on the renewable energy business while mainly focusing on developing a solar power plant in Japan. In recent years, we have also been working on developing a solar power plant for corporate PPA, and contributing towards the decarbonization of companies that want to cut their CO2 emissions.

Large-scale solar power plant development in Japan
Wind power generation business overseas

Electricity Business

As a retail electric utility, we stably supply low-priced electricity to our customers.
It is used by many customers including companies, local governments, public agencies and schools.

Development of power sources Electricity sales  Electricity supply and demand management

Petroleum Business

We have established a substantial supply and sales network in each region, and stably deliver petroleum products to corporate customers all over Japan. We have a proven track record for supplying fuel to ships and service stations.

Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, fuel oil ,and lubricating oil sales LP gas sales Deivery services  Sales support such as kerosene home delivery Sales support for service stations

Solution Business

Regardless of the specific energy or manufacturer, we are providing optimal solutions to our customers from a neutral standpoint, and are working on business development, energy conservation and reducing utility costs.

Support for reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions Support and consultation for energy savings facilities 

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