Our Strength

Our Strength

Our Strength

Our Strength

As of March 31, 2021


Driving force for business as a dedicated energy trading company

LP gas handled by volume

No.3 in Japan

2020 LP Gas Annual Report Facts & Figures by SEKIYU KAGAKU SHIMBUN SHA

Kerosene handled by volume

1.5million kl

Stable procurement

Procuring energy at a stable price backed by years of experience and results

Streamlined logistics network

A logistics network built for efficiency by sharing management resources with across our alliance

Business developments in step with the times

New business developments in line with the times based on a storehouse of knowledge (renewable energy, sharing cycle, etc.)

A service framework for safe operation

Our security framework ensures safety and peace of mind with customer service that goes above and beyond legally-mandated inspections


Solid management foundation

Equity ratio


LP gas customers

700,000 households

Sound financial constitution

We maintain a capital ratio of over 50%

Stable customer network

Our stable customer foundation includes approx. 220,000 households for direct LP gas sales nationwide and approx. 480,000 households for wholesale customers

Diverse business portfolio

A diverse business format that closely meets the needs of customers helps disperse risks


High barrier to entry

Partner network*

1,600 companies

Petroleum transshipment stations


Strong partnerships

Approx. 1,600 partner companies
* Total including LP gas sales organization member companies and building management and maintenance business partner companies

National supply framework

85 petroleum transshipment stations across the country serving to maintain supply under logistical difficulties

Storehouse of knowledge

A wealth of trading knowledge rooted in the energy industry