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Exploring possibilities

We are expanding our business fields beyond energy in order to better contribute to customers' business and lifestyles.

The Challenge of Possibility The Challenge of Possibility

Bicycle Business [Sinanen Bike Co., Ltd.]

Bicycle Business

As a leading bicycle importer of Japan, the company imports and sells high-quality, affordable bikes, as well as well-known oversea brands such as DAHON. In addition, retail store "DAISHARIN" is running around the country.

Product development/import Bicycle shop "Daisharin"

Sinanen Bike Co., Ltd.

Share Cycle Business [Sinanen Mobility Plus Co., Ltd.]

Share Cycle Business

As a leading bicycle sharing company, to contribute upcoming "Mobility as a Service" society, to provide "THE LAST ONE MILE" for people transportation with safety and security under regularly maintenance.


Sinanen Mobility Plus Co., Ltd.

Environment and Recycling Business [Sinanen Ecowork Co., Ltd.]

Recycling Business

Sinanen Ecowork contributes to realizing a recycling-oriented society through a stable supply of waste recycled fuels and materials such as wood chips and RPF (recycled fuels such as waste plastic and paper) and intermediate processing system of various mixed waste.

Supply of waste recycled fuels and materials Recycling of waste wood

Sinanen Ecowork Co., Ltd.

Antimicrobial Business [Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd.]

Antimicrobial Business

As a pioneer of inorganic antimicrobial agents, Sinanen Zeomic provides highly effective and safe antimicrobial agents for various purposes such as resin, fiber, and paint. With certifications from overseas regulators, more and more products have been adopted globally, such as Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States.

Silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent "Zeomic" Anti-odor/Odor adsorbent"Dushlite" Functional additives

Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd.

System Business[Minos Co., Ltd.]

System Business

Since its establishment in 1976, Minos has provided ERP systems for the LP gas business. Minos launched cloud-based PowerNetG4 services in 2013 and has provided Power CIS, a new function to respond to the liberalization of electricity retail sales, since 2016.

Cloud-based LP gas ERP system Power CIS Account transfer payment collection service Centralized monitoring system

Minos Co., Ltd.

Building Management and Maintenance Business [Sinanen Axia Co., Ltd.]

Building Maintenance

Sinanen Axia provides services to General maintenance for residential and non-residential buildings, hospitals, and commercial facilities, contracted operations and management of common-use spaces.

Residential buildings maintenance Non-residential buildings maintenance Hospital and funeral home facility management Management of condominium management associations

Sinanen Axia Co., Ltd.

Building Management and Maintenance Business [Sinanen Facilities Co., Ltd.]

Building Maintenance

Sinanen Facilities provides customers with a comfortable and safe living environment through installation, maintenance, and follow-up of air-conditioning, floor-heating, and heat source equipment for detached/apartment houses.

Design, construction, and maintenance of air-conditioning and floor-heating equipment

Sinanen Facilities Co., Ltd.