DX Promotion

DX Promotion

DX Promotion

Driving Digital Transformation

At the Sinanen Holdings Group, we are moving forward quickly with digital transformation (DX) initiatives designed to transform our corporate culture and business model.

DX Roadmap

We have formulated a roadmap to enable us to achieve our DX-related management vision and keep these initiatives on track. In our current phase, Step 1, we are working to increase efficiency through advanced digitalization and improve productivity by developing tools to visualize operations. In Step 2, we will leverage data and digital technology to transform products, services, and business models to better meet customer and community needs. In Step 3, we will transform our operations, organization, processes, and corporate culture in order to create an even stronger competitive advantage.

DX Structure

We have built a structure to drive DX that separates governance and management roles in order to accelerate decision-making and execution and to make these processes more transparent. The governance role is played by the Board of Directors, which formulates management strategies and policies. The Board also evaluates these results based on monitoring of DX strategy performance, which is developed and promoted by management in line with governance policies. The management role begins with developing DX strategy and the requisite organizational structure. Management then identifies, procures, and implements IT solutions and integrates these into business processes, as well as delivering services and analyzing and evaluating performance.


DX Strategy

  • Digital first
  • Once only
  • No legacy

We have developed the core systems required to diversify group businesses and rapidly obtain management information. A data integration platform has been built and is shared by the entire Group, standardizing management of customer, product, and business administrative data. Moreover, we intend to identify issues and revise the business processes in each frontline area, and standardize them in an efficient way. The aim of the basic DX initiative is to adopt new core systems for improved business efficiency. At the same time, we are promoting dynamic DX by building a platform for co-creation and collaboration. The aim is to digitally support the improvement of existing businesses and the creation of new ones. This will be done by sharing expertise for group collaboration, and by fostering employee entrepreneurship driven by corporate culture reform.

Driving DX with Sophisticated, High-Quality Data

Creating New Services by Building Co-Creation Platforms Creating New Services by Building Co-Creation Platforms

Setting Performance Indicators

We have set the following indicators to measure the performance of our DX strategy.

Digital first
Build p aperless offices
  • Electronic transactions
  • Customer web portal
Streamline and standardize operations using IT
Once only
Create a one-stop group-wide platform for everything from marketing to sales
No legacy
Create digital platforms
Develop DX human resources (reskill)

Examples of Initiatives

Creating a Membership-Based Points Program "brio point mall"

We are not only engaged in basic DX initiatives to standardize business processes and introduce new core systems, but are also focused on dynamic DX that will provide digital support for the creation of new businesses. The first extremely important measure in the Group's dynamic DX strategy is a membership-based points program, which has been fully operational since May 2022.This points program website offers membership points and other services to customers of the Group and our affiliates. At the same time, it also collects and analyzes such data as customer purchase histories and behavior patterns through surveys and other means, making it possible to develop and promote new campaigns.

Project Management Training

To develop DX human resources (reskill), we conduct in-house project management training including Basic Training that enables Group employees to acquire basic knowledge and Practical Training for senior-level employees under the guidance of an external instructor. These training types aim to increase the number of employees with the knowledge needed to drive projects even in uncertain situations and develop project managers who can apply their knowledge on a practical level.

Launch of a Field Test That Uses Data by Means of a Proprietary IT Network Infrastructure

Launch of a Field Test That Uses Data by Means of a Proprietary IT Network Infrastructure

The Group has stated that it will strengthen the use of data in its DX road map. From October 2023, the Group started a field test for the purpose of creating and providing services that will lead to solutions for regional issues by building a proprietary IT network that makes use of a customer base to which LP gas is sold in some areas of western Japan so that various data from these customers and the region can be collected and used. We will consider specific example of use during the field test, which will lead to expansion in the target areas and the provision of services rooted in the community.

Examples of data use

Digital Transformation Certification

Sinanen Holdings Group has been certified as a DX business operator December 1, 2021 and renewed its certification as of December 1, 2023, under the DX Certification System established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.