Mid-term Management Plan

Mid-term Management Plan

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Mid-term Management Plan

Middle Term Vision

Mid-term Management Plan


"Challenging New Worlds with Big Sky-thinking"

Policy plan

Business structure reform to become an organization that continues sustainable growth

Group-wide qualitative goals

  1. Improving capital efficiency

    In addition to measures to improve the profitability of existing businesses, we will utilize or sell assets that have a low efficiency, and will strongly support the selection of businesses to focus on.
  2. Investing to achieve sustainable growth

    1. Clarification of investment priorities
    • In addition to investment (M&A) to strengthen the revenue base of existing businesses, we will actively promote the expansion of the building maintenance and management business, investment in renewable energy and new business development.
    2. Improvement of core systems: Enhancement of core systems through DX
    • In order to maintain and strengthen competitiveness, we will promote digital transformation (DX)* and aim to enhance core systems that respond to environmental changes.
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  3. Changing the thinking, customs and behavior of our employees

    In addition to further promoting work-style reforms and deploying human resources so that the right person is in the right job, we will foster a free and open corporate culture and train employees so they have a spirit of entrepreneurship.

FY2022 quantitative goal

Establish a business structure that continuously produces an ROE of 6.0% or more
*This quantitative goal is positioned as a milestone toward further improvement of ROE in the Third Medium-Term Business Plan (from FY2023 to FY2025).