Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

As of March 31, 2023

Our Activities

We are a energy company, active at every stage of the value chain: from natural gas and oil to co-generated electricity and renewables, including both traditional and bio refining and chemicals


Selling LP gas from residential to commercial use
Build a stable customer network

*Source: 2023 LP Gas Annual Report Facts & Figures by SEKIYU KAGAKU SHIMBUN SHA


Supply petroleum products through retail sales at service stations, home centers, etc., in addition to sales to corporate customers
Strength in kerosene distribution base network. Strengthening sales of light oil for infrastructure construction.


Wide-ranging development of solar power generation and maintenance of power generation equipment, etc.


Developing a wide variety of businesses in non-energy fields

*Based on the Company's research

Financial Highlights

Stable earnings despite intensifying competition


Unique in the industry, coming from a foreign-affiliated company

Stable dividend

Provide stable dividends aiming for payout ratio of 30% or higher

Note:On October 1, 2016, the Company carried out reverse share split on ordinary shares at a one for five ratio. Figures prior to that have been restated to reflect the post-reverse share split.

Our sustainability

Continue to move forward together with people & environment.

Over the years, the Sinanen Holdings Group has delivered various energy and services for living and daily life. As a general energy service group, we will fulfill social responsibility, find solutions to global issues.

  • Addressing environmental challenges

  • Ensuring safety & Developing Communities

  • Employee engagement & cultivate next generation

  • Establishing strong governance system