Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Promoting Women in the Workplace

The Group strives to create workplace environments that encourage more women to seek and be appointed to management positions. Our initiatives include relevant training sessions and networking events for women. We also promote the empowerment of women and gender equality by inviting outside speakers to lead seminars on diversity and inclusion.

[Main Targets and Results]

  Results Target
  FY2021 FY2027
Percentage of Management Positions Held by Women 5% 20%

Scope of Calculations: Sinanen Holdings, Sinanen, Melife-West, Melife, Melife-East

Mid-career Recruitment

The Group actively practices mid-career recruitment of specialists and provides them with training as part of the on-boarding process. By bringing in new specialists from outside the Group, the Group is able to enhance both its expertise and its diversity, which leads to the creation of new value.

Employing Individuals with Disabilities

Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd. is a member of the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE), a general incorporated association of more than 20 major corporations across industry and business categories who share the goal of establishing a new model for employing people with disabilities. We consider disability to be part of individuality and proactively hire people who can play an active role in the Company.

Promoting Understanding of LGBTQ+

In line with the respect for diversity clearly stated in our Compliance Regulations, we are working to raise awareness of issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. So far, we have carried out awareness-raising activities via our in-house newsletter and offered online seminars for employees to learn more about our D&I and LGBTQ+ initiatives.