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Greetings from the incoming President

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Aiming to maintain
sustainable growth and
increase corporate value

President and CEO 
Masaki Yamazaki

The competitive environment surrounding our core oil and gas businesses is becoming increasingly challenging year by year due to global warming, declining population in Japan, popularization of energy saving equipment, expansion of the ready-to-eat food market, change of lifestyle and others. In addition, with the full liberalization of electricity and city gas retail markets, the competition is intensifying and the market structure is under pressure to change.

In the face of a changing competitive environment, our group aims to move from an energy providing company towards "evolving into a comprehensive energy service company group", that realizes the goal of comfortable housing and living for customers through environmental friendly energy supply, in accordance with our "First Medium-Term Business Plan" which has been implemented since April 2017. We aim for further growth and evolution through acceleration of business concentration and selection, strengthen the management structure by strengthening foundation and efficiency of existing businesses, and actively invest management resources to explore the core business of the next generation.

As a group, we will strive to continuously improve our corporate value and do our best to meet your expectations. I would like to humbly thank you for your guidance and encouragement, as well as your continuous support.