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SINANEN HOLDINGS history in video

Life and briquette coal (1960)
Nostalgic and valuable video showing life with briquette coal/charcoal briquettes in the late 1950s and early 1960s. (11 minutes)
80th anniversary memorial movie (2007)
Memorial video showing SINANEN’s 80 year history in approximately 10 minutes. (10 minutes)


1927April Denko Anthracite Trading was established for the purpose of selling Korean anthracite.
1929August Changed company name to Tokyo Anthracite Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing/selling briquette coal.
1931October Completed Shinagawa Briquette Coal Factory.
1934April Established Shinagawa Briquette Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing/selling charcoal briquettes as well as selling charcoal briquette burning appliances.
1936May Changed the company name from Shinagawa Briquette Co., Ltd. to Shinagawa Fuel Co., Ltd.
1945March The Tokyo Branch and factories of Japan Briquette Industry Co., Ltd. were completely destroyed by the Bombing of Tokyo.
1952September Signed an agency agreement with Maruzen Petroleum and started selling petroleum products and equipment.
1953October Established Kawaguchi Filling Station.
1954September Launched “Shinagawa Uwatsuke Konro.”
1955April Started handling LP gas and LP gas equipment.
1959August Constructed and relocated to a HQ building in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.
1959September Launched “Shinagawa Anka.”
1960May Installed a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling station at the Tama Office.
1961December Launched “Shinagawa Mametan Kotatsu” and “Shinagawa Sokuonki.”
1962December Introduced the company’s creed (three foundations: keeping faith, enterprising, enjoying working).
1963January Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1965October Invested in Hainen Sangyo Co., Ltd. (currently, Shinagawa Hainen Co., Ltd.)
1966December Held the award ceremony for the first “My Mother Is the Best in Japan” essay competition.
1968January Launched “Shinagawa Ippatsu Rentan.”
December Launched “Shinagawa Ippatsu Mametan.”
1974January Constructed and relocated to a HQ building in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
1975August Invested in Hidaka Ataka Co., Ltd. (currently, Hidaka Toshi Gas Co., Ltd.)
1983September Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1984February Established Sinanen New Ceramic Co., Ltd. to manufacture and sell antimicrobial zeolite.
1987April Formed the Japan Sinanen Association.
October Introduced LP gas central monitoring system “Sinanen Connection.”
1989February Standardized the company name into Sinanen. Changed the symbol and logotype.
April Established Sinanen Sekiyu Co., Ltd.
1994December Opened a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at the Tokyo Branch.
1995November Launched card shipping and online (Jim Boy) systems.
1997January Established nine Himawari Gas Center companies across Japan.
April Registered a trademark for “Himawari Gas,” the brand name of LP gas.
May Started selling antimicrobial agent for sewerage concrete “Zeomighty.”
August Completed the Yonesato Kerosene Center, the first satellite station, in Yonesato, Sapporo.
1998April Changed corporate name from Shinagawa Fuel Co., Ltd. to SINANEN CO., LTD.
June Started “Fureai Campaign,” gas equipment inspection services.
2000November Launched the sales office support plan “Himawari Plan.”
2001January Launched water purifier rental services.
April Launched customer management system “C-PAC 21.”
October Established Nichimen Energy Gas Sales KK by taking over the LP gas business of Nichimen Energy KK.
2002April Commenced operation of Sinanen Kanto Gas Sales Co., Ltd. by integrating six sales companies in the Kanto region.
April Sinanen Zeomic obtained ISO 9001 certification.
October Renovated and opened the first self-service filling station Cell Vis Tsukimino.
2003April Commenced operation of Sinanen Tohoku Gas Sales Co., Ltd. by integrating three sales companies in the Tohoku region.
April Commenced operation of Chubu Sinanen Gas Sales Co., Ltd. by integrating two sales companies in the Chubu region.
2004April Started the demonstration operation of 1kW class home-use fuel cells.
April Introduced “Helios,” a new distribution and sales management system.
May Held an opening ceremony for the JHFC Sagamihara Hydrogen Station.
October Shinagawa Kaihatsu Co. Ltd. has started the operation of wood recycling center at Chiba city.
2005April Commenced operation of Sinanen Kanto Gas Sales Co., Ltd. by integrating the retail business of five companies in the Kanto region.
2006April Integrated the wholesale business in the Kanto region.
December Made Pipe Ojisan Co., Ltd. a subsidiary
2007November Completed construction of a new head office building.
December Held the award ceremony for the first Itsumo Arigato (Thank You) Essay Competition.
2009March Acquiredall all shares of MINOS Co., Ltd.
October Established Cell Vis Sendai Port, the first gas station with disaster response capabilities in Sendai City.
2010March Changed corporate name from Sinagawa Kanto Gas Sales Co., Ltd. to MELIFE Co., Ltd.
2012February Acquired all shares of INDESS Co., Ltd.
May Completed the construction of a new Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. building (research facilities).
2013January Acquired all shares of Aoba Bicycle Co., Ltd.
2014February SINANEN CO.,LTD. started the electric power selling for industrial use.
2015April Integrated retail and wholesale energy business by region,
creating new MELIFE-WEST Co., Ltd, MELIFE Co., Ltd, and MELIFE-EAST Co., Ltd.
2015October Shifted to a holding company structure and established SINANEN HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.
2016April MELIFE Co., Ltd. and MELIFE-EAST Co., Ltd. have started the electric power selling for home-use (MELIFE DENKI).
2017March Acquired all shares of Takara Building Maintenance Co., Ltd.
April 90 year-round operation.
October Acquired all shares of Yutecs Co., Ltd.
2018October Shinagawa Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. has started the operation of wood recycling center at Shiraoka city as second plant.
2019January HQ relocated Mita Mitnato-ward Tokyo.
April established SINANEN Mobility + Co., Ltd.
April Changed corporate name from Shinagawa Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. to SINANEN Ecowork Co., Ltd.