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Entering an Official Partnership Agreement with WiTricity, Japan's First EV Wireless Charging Technology

- Towards the Spread of Wireless Charging Systems in Japan Through the Acquisition of Licenses for Implementation and the Establishment of Industry Associations -


Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masaki Yamazaki), a comprehensive energy, housing, and daily-life services provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an official partnership agreement with WiTricity Corporation (Headquarters: Massachusetts USA, CEO: Alex Gruzen), a company that develops and produces EV (electric vehicle) wireless charging systems. Sinanen Holdings is the first company in Japan to enter an official partner agreement with WiTricity.


Masaki Yamazaki, President and CEO of Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd. (left) and Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity (right)

■WiTricity's wireless charging technology and products for EV

WiTricity is a high-tech company founded in 2007 as a spin-out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by a team of physicists who were developing EV wireless charging technology.

WiTricity's wireless charging system "WiTricity Halo™" uses magnetic resonance method to supply power by resonating a magnetic field between a charging pad installed on the ground and a power receiver pad installed in the EV. This means that no cables are required to connect the EV to the charging device. Simply parking the EV over the charging pad and then turning off the engine (the power switch) will automatically start charging the vehicle. This system has a standard power delivery of 11 kW, enabling vehicles to be charged at the same power transfer rate and charging time as level 2 charging systems that require a cable. The receiver installed in the vehicle can be used with PHEV and BEV type vehicles. It is also possible to retrofit the receiver into existing EV depending on the model of the vehicle.

Furthermore, maintaining a constant EV wireless connection while using V2H (Vehicle to Home) and V2G (Vehicle to Grid) technology enables the EV to be used as a distributed power supply and emergency power supply. It is also expected that in the future it will be possible to charge vehicles while driving over roads with built-in charging equipment.

Sinanen Holdings and WiTricity entered a basic agreement in June 2023 to build a partnership so that both companies can expand sales of WiTricity brand products in the Japanese market. As a business partner for expanding WiTricity in Japan, Sinanen Holdings aims to import and sell WiTricity products in Japan to the general public through its subsidiary Sinanen Co., Ltd. Sinanen will also use its resources and those of the Group companies to promote the installation of receivers into existing EVs as well as install and increase the number of charging stations that have both wall boxes and charging pads.

(Reference) Press release of June 26, 2023 entitled

"Entering a basic agreement to expand sales in the Japanese market with WiTricity, a company with EV wireless charging technology"(

■Entering an official partner agreement

With the entering of this official partnership agreement, Sinanen will take the lead in negotiating with relevant ministries and agencies to obtain the necessary licenses for implementing wireless charging systems and in establishing industry associations. We will further accelerate the deployment of WiTricity's wireless charging systems in Japan by collaborating with companies aiming to promote wireless charging systems, including WiTricity's licensees in Japan.

Sinanen Holdings Group will continue to increase the use of EV as well as contribute to achieving a decarbonized society and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting wireless charging systems throughout Japan in partnership with WiTricity.

Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd.:

Founded in 1927, Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd. is the holding company of a corporate group offering comprehensive services related to energy, housing, and daily life. With the mission of the Group to contribute to realizing a comfortable life for all customers in their communities through energy and home & life services, we provide Retail/Wholesale Energy & Related Business for consumers, Energy Solution Business for corporations, and non-energy businesses such as bicycle, bicycle sharing, environmental and recycling, system development, antimicrobial, building management and maintenance, and other services. We are also strengthening efforts to develop new environmentally-friendly businesses and corporate initiatives to achieve a decarbonized society.

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