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Risk Management Policy

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Risk Management Policy

The mission of Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd. and its group companies is to "contribute to realizing a comfortable life for all customers in their communities through energy and home & life services."
The performance of this mission demands the safe and stable supply of the Group's goods and services, while at the same time requiring the pursuit of action for the environment surrounding the Group, as well as sustainability. In order to realize this, the Group has adopted the basic policy of identifying the risks that may cause hindrance to the performance of the mission, and taking effective measures beforehand in order to prevent or mitigate the manifestation of the identified risk, in accordance with the level of importance of the risk; the Group reliably operates a risk management system based on the basic objectives and action guidelines described below.

Basic Objectives

  • Improvement of corporate value
  • Safe and secure operation of business
  • Stable continuation of business
  • Establishment of relationships of trust with stakeholders

Action Guidelines

  • Conduct management and corporate activities with thorough compliance.
  • Establish a risk management system and ensure management soundness and profit.
  • Improve the risk awareness and knowledge of officers and employees, prevent the emergence of risks, and improve the ability to respond to risks.
  • In the case of emergency, treat the protection of human life as top priority, continue business and protect assets.
  • Ensure information security and protect information assets.
  • For the promotion of strategic management, establish an environment that supports risk taking.

November 1, 2021
Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd.
Masaki Yamazaki, President and CEO